When to Start Planning Your SEO Christmas Campaign?

When to Start Planning Your SEO Christmas Campaign?

The trick of good SEO is always to be ahead. It is not simply about knowing which keywords people associate with specific products and services, but also knowing when people will perform the highest amount of searches.

Some experts will tell you that you should start planning your SEO Christmas shopping campaign already in summer, while others may say that the beginning of fall should do. At GFluence we recommend to first make a proper analysis of the relevant market and then decide. Of course, every analysis should be done months in advance no matter when you plan taking action.

The International SEO Christmas Campaign Reserach

To help you understand the online search dynamics connected with Christmas shopping we performed a global SEO research on when people start to search online for the terms “christmas sales” and “christmas gifts”. The analysis was performed by the help of data from Google Trends, where we narrowed down the search to the last five years.

To give you a proper International SEO overview we chose four countries representing major regions of the global market: Unites States, Japan, Brazil and the Czech Republic. We respected the local language used in each country and performed searches in the relevant native toungue.

USA – Start Planning Your SEO Christmas Strategy in Summer

When it comes to Christmas shopping US consumers are known to be early birds. The ecommerce market is extremely well organized and prepared up to three months in advance for the December holiday shopping season, so don’t lack behind.

christmas seo usa

Source: GFluence, based on data from Google Trends, 19.12.2016

Search queries for both “christmas sales” and “christmas gifts” start to increase in the beginning of September. This means it is necessary to start devising your SEO Christmas strategy already in the beginning of summer.

An important fact is also that the search term “christmas sales” dominates over “christmas gifts”. This is helpful to know when writing content. As an online retailer, if you will use the word “sales” you will gain greater visibility and better search rankings than using the word “gifts”.

Japanese Don’t Care Much For Christmas Sales

christmas seo jp

Source: GFluence, based on data from Google Trends, 19.12.2016

When researching the Japanese market and interesting trend shows up – the search term “christmas gifts” – “クリスマスセール”, is far more searched than “christmas sales” – “クリスマスプレゼント”.

Christmas is a popular and well celebrated holiday in Japan, but Christmas gift traditions differ from those in the West. Many times these are associated with special Christmas dishes and even money, rather than searching for good gift deals for your loved ones.

A serious increase in search queries for gifts starts in the beginning of October following a steep and steady elevation all till mid December. The panic for starting your SEO Christmas campaign isn’t as bad as in the USA, but if you start in mid-summer and focus on enriching your content with “gifts” rather than “sales” you will be on the right track.

The Brazilian Laid Back Attitude To Shopping

If people living in Latin America are generally known for having a laid back character, then something similar can also be applied to their shopping habits.

christmas seo br

Source: GFluence, based on data from Google Trends, 19.12.2016

Brazilians don’t start to look for Christmas sales and gifts before mid October and it only gets really serious in late November.

From the chart above we can see that in the past five years there is a steady yearly increase in searching for “christmas sales” or as they say in Portugese – “promoção  de Natal”. This is connected with the Brazilian ecommerce boom. With more online retailers available, the bigger the increase in Christmas discount offers.

If you wish to properly adapt to the Brazilian market, then beginning to plan your SEO Christmas strategy in the end of summer should be more than fine.

Czech’s Don’t Search Much on Public Holidays

In comparison to all previous charts presented in this post, something very interesting shows up when analyzing Czech Republic. During peak season of searching for “christmas sales” – locally known as “vánoční slevy”, and “christmas gifts” – or as Czechs call them “vánoční dárky”, there are clear breaks and downfalls of the chart line. These correspond with the two Czech public holidays: Foundation of the independent Czechoslovak state on October 28th and Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day on November 17th.

christmas seo cz

Source: GFluence, based on data from Google Trends, 19.12.2016

Online retailers should expect a downfall on the two public holidays as Czechs rather spend their time commemorating important national events, than spending time shopping online.

Those who follow our Czech SEO news also know that the Czech Republic has a highly developed ecommerce scene. Similar to Brazil this is also evident from the chart as searches for “vánoční slevy” are increasing every year.  And as people are commonly used to shop online, Czechs can be considered as early online Christmas shoppers.  Thus, similarly as in the USA, if you sell online in the Czech Republic, make sure to start planing you SEO Christmas campaign in start of July.

Expanding your brand overseas is not an easy task. That is why, it is always good to work with people who know how to approach the international market. At GFluence we help various businesses with executing their international SEO strategy to its fullest potential. Check full spectrum of services that we can provide for your brand.

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