Multicultural Global Marketing

By highlighting core values of your brand we kick-start a consistent image across global markets and avoid cultural faux-pas.

Your goal is

… to appear as a consistent, yet a strong brand in different markets.

Your fear is

… that you will fail in the targeted markets, because you are approaching them the wrong way.

Don’t worry!

We specialize in multicultural marketing strategy and know how to avoid cultural faux-pas. Did you know that in South East Asia light blue is associated with death and mourning? Well, Pepsi didn’t. When they changed the color of their vending machines from dark to light blue, sales suffered badly. Trust your global campaign into the hands of International SEO experts.

Creating a Truly Multicultural Brand

Here is our plan how to turn your brand into a truly multicultural brand:

1. We Do Market Research

We cover everything from demographics, competition to predicting the future. First, it’s essential to know your target audience and market. This way we’ll be able to identify the geographic regions “where to sell” and personal characteristics of “who will buy”. Proper strategy starts with proper research.

2. We Devise a Strategy

It depends on whether you wish for a multicultural or a culturally neutral digital strategy. Either way, we analyze different key features and decide upon the best option. Here are some examples of what we watch out for:


Choosing green for you campaign in Indonesia would not be a good move, since it’s considered as the “forbidden” colour. Though in the Middle East you’d have great potential, beacause it represents luck and wealth.

Marketing channels

If your target audience are people aged from 15 – 35, then make sure all your social media channels are properly covered. Facebook and Twitter reach young users faster than TV commercials. Choosing the right marketing channel is crucial to get your message heard.

Writing systems

Did you know that the The North and South of India don’t use the same writing system? And that 36% of the global population uses Latin alphabet. Your slogans and content will have to be properly adjusted to fit each writing system properly.

Legal environment

Some countries have stricter advertising laws than others. In China the law forbids child celebrities under 10 to endorse products. It’s always better to check the local legislation than to suffer a potential ban.

3. We Choose the Right Marketing Mix

Because of cultural nuances in every nation, it makes sense that marketing in Germany is different from marketing in Russia. That’s why we will create the right marketing mix for each specific country or region.

4. We Execute the Strategy

When executing strategy through digital marketing channels, our goal is to always bring out your brand’s core values and strengths. We want to drive brand awareness and remain consistent across all markets meanwhile avoiding cultural faux-pas.

Are you eager to go from a local star to a globally recognized multicultural brand?

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