Top 10 Inspiring Thoughts from Marketing Festival #mktfest17

Top 10 Inspiring Thoughts from Marketing Festival #mktfest17

Marketing Festival (@mktfest) is an annual marketing event held in the Czech Republic. This time, it gathered top-notch speakers including Rand Fishkin or Avinash Kaushik. We were totally there.

“Create content that answers the user’s query better than the top 10 results do” (Rand Fishkin)

Because…why wouldn’t you? It totally makes sense. And in our experience, it works as well.

“If Google steals your ranking, get your rankings back through branding” (Rand Fishkin)

3 years ago, it was unimaginable to do SEO through branding. Now, branding can even save your SEO. By doing extensive branding via partner websites, guys from convinced Google that queries like “Internet speed test” are in fact branded queries and therefore they deserve to be ranking #1 for these keywords.

“Invest X% in Hard-to-Measure Marketing Channels” (Rand Fishkin)

Companies want to see the bottom line as soon as possible. However, SEO is a branding channel, which takes time, but also brings good results in the long term. Rand Fishkin advised that companies should take the long trip and focus on hard-to-measure channels like SEO or social media marketing.

“When you ask direct questions, you will not get accurate answers because of invisible habits” (Kim Goodwin)

Hard-data-driven approach is mostly wrong, and this is yet another proof. Our experience also confirms that the only way to get valuable data is through soft metrics, direct observation, first hand experiences or simply by visiting a local brewery or whiskey shop.

“Don’t copy billboard strategies. Jakub likes to wear woman’s underwear, no one targets him.” (Avinash Kaushik)

It’s true that deviant audiences do not get proper attention of marketers. From the traditional perspective, these groups are hard to target. But with the growing trend of using artificial intelligence (AI) for performance advertising, it doesn’t matter if Jakub is actually a man or a woman. You are targeting by his behavior.

“If your target audience loves it, it doesn’t matter if most people hate it” (Joe Wade)

Spot on. Always worth reminding.

“The psychological patterns are the same across countries. What is different is how people respond to the impulses and describe them. This is called culture.” (Oli Gardner)

We are all members of one species, homo sapiens. Meaning that our psychological patterns are practically the same. Our fears, our desires, our instincts. What is different then? Our reaction or response to these impulses, which is influenced by our culture, the environment we grew up in.

“Logs are giving you more insights…And you can visualize them using Screaming Frog” (Filip Podstavec)

Ever wondered which URLs on your website are the most crawled ones? They might be different ones that those you thought of.

“Over 60% of your traffic is bot traffic” (Bob Hoffman, Filip Podstavec)

Pretty scary if you think about it. What does it mean for data analyst and marketers? Well, don’t rely on a single analytical method and always compare data in context.

“Unfortunately there will be no Q&A because we are running out of time, but I will answer all your questions in a separate blog post.” (Filip Podstavec)

What sounds innocent might be a brilliant link-baiting move. Well done, Filip!


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