Targeting ‘Alternative Tool’ Keywords: Increase Global Visibility for Your App

Targeting ‘Alternative Tool’ Keywords: Increase Global Visibility for Your App

In this first post of the ISEO Tip series, I would like to share with you a very effective tactic we just started using with one of our clients. Our client developed a very competitive team collaboration app.

This particular tactic is suitable for all apps that exist in the industry where there are strong market leaders. Let’s use an example with ASANA.

  • You have developed an app in the industry where there are strong players
  • You are targeting the global market
  • You have a clear USP to differentiate your app from the market leader


Step 1: Find strong competitors

The stronger the competitor, the higher chance ‘alternative’ keywords exist.


Step 2: Find ‘alternative’ keywords

KeywordAvg. Monthly SearchesCompetition
asana issues650.08
asana alternatives12500.75
asana ios5600.07
asana similar300.46
tools like asana400.65
programs like asana400.79
asana document management400.48
asana like apps400.56
asana similar products200.5
sites like asana500.54
asana like tools300.6


Step 3: Identify competor’s weaknesses

It can be any keywords that users frequently search for and at the same time, are real problems and issues that represent the weaknesses of the tool.

KeywordAvg. Monthly Searches Competition
asana issues600.08
asana ios5500.07
asana document management700.48
asana down3400.04
asana security1200.09


Step 4: Write

Based on the research above, you will be able to create a post. Put the main keyword from step 2 into the main headline. Use the keywords from step 3 to write about the differences and features comparison.

You can also use the issues from step 3 to create a teaser in the title tag, e.g.:

ASANA down again? Try an alternative

This way you can use your competitors and your USPs to get a relatively easy organic traffic and gain visibility quickly.


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