Global e-commerce strategies

Sales in global e-commerce have doubled over the past four years, which means even businesses that have so far been operating traditionally and selling off-line, are now considering online sales more than ever.

Retail Ecommerce Sales Worldwide
Source: eMarketer

International barriers to ecommerce

The highest barrier to international e-commerce is without a doubt cultural issues. Learn about brands that have overcome cultural differences and those who have not.

Here are some examples of good market penetration strategies:

Here are companies that failed to enter a market in the first place:

What are the top international e-commerce websites?

  • Amazon, Inc.
  • Jingdong (, Beijing)
  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. (China)
  • eBay Inc.
  • Rakuten, Inc. (based in Tokyo)
  • B2W Companhia Digital – an online retail provider in Latin America
  • Zalando (Germany)
  • Groupon

International marketing strategy for ecommerce

There is no such thing as the ideal international marketing strategy. Companies need to consider different factors such as language, legal environment, shopping behavior and cultural values before they create one.

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