Seznam’s New Search Algorithm Update – Page Quality

Seznam’s New Search Algorithm Update – Page Quality

Those not living in the Czech Republic might not be familiar with the local search engine Seznam. Launched in 1996, Seznam is the Czech digital Giant offering email services and running sister websites on real-estate, online maps, job listings and other social and ecommerce related content. It is the second most used search engine in the Czech Republic just after Google, covering 31% of all online queries.

Shortly after Google launched its Penguin update, Seznam caught up with its main competitor and announced its own new update on its search algorithm called Page Quality:

“The aim of the update is to take more account of the quality of sites and pages when sorting the results and thereby achieve higher user satisfaction.”

Quality in SERP increased by 9%

What is Seznam promising its users with the new update? The name says it all – Page Quality does not focus on the relevance of shown search results which correspond to the query, but rather the quality of these results.

The chart below shows the differences in search engine results pages (SERP) quality before and after the algorithm update. By comparing the old and new average quality of documents at various positions in SERP, Seznam calculated that the average increase in quality for the entire SERP is 8,94%.


differences in search engine results pages (SERP) quality before and after the algorithm update


Impact on SEO

Can you believe the updated Page Quality caused such a change in the first position in 16,4% and the first three positions in 50% of search queries?   

If you’re worried about being downgraded on Seznam, we recommend you go over their guidelines on quality content:

  1. Organize your content in a tidy and accessible manner
  2. Use original content
  3. Create transparent and trustworthy content – let us know who the author is
  4. Publish the contact of who is running the website

The truth is, Seznam is miles behind Google as low quality websites are still showing up in Seznam’s SERP. But more quality websites will benefit from this update, so the gap between Google and Seznam will shrink a bit. In some cases, a single white-hat strategy could be enough for both Google and Seznam. We recommend checking up on your competition by searching phrases you are interested in  and then compare the quality of results both in Google and in Seznam. Afterwards you can decide whether to go for a single website strategy or to establish two separate websites.

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