Technical SEO Audit

Is your website following current technical SEO tactics? Can you name one?

Whether you can or not, WE CAN! We’ll determine whether or not your site is Search Engine Optimization friendly.

Our technical SEO specialist will:
  • Bring the latest SEO knowledge to your services
  • Gain a better understanding of overall website health and performance
  • Identify pages which are not visible to search engines
  • Assists your copywriter by setting precise goals
  • Explain how to correct specific problems

Why do you need a technical SEO audit

Your website has never been audited before

It’s been a long time since it was audited

You are building a new website and want to make it SEO-friendly right from the start

Questions? We’ve got you covered!

Contact us and get a FREE 30 minute expert consultation.

Our clients & what they said about us

“Apart from expertise, I especially appreciate the practicality and comprehensibility of the outputs. It saves us time and makes it easier to make data-driven decisions when planning content.”

Lukas Fabik

CMO & Co-founder, HARDWARIO

“We are very pleased with the results. Since we started working together in November 2019, our organic attendance has grown from 361 sessions in November to:

-1341 (December, when migration took place)

-2529 (January)

-2961 (February).”

Jiří Ziegler

Managing Director & Co-Owner,

“What we value the most about this solution is that it somehow saves us work as well as time – on a regular basis, we receive a publishing plan one month ahead, with which we can work directly.”

Tomáš Foltán

Sales Director, Agentura s.r.o.

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