Analytics Settings Check

Are your analytical tools showing the proper information?

Setting up analytical tools properly is difficult and is often done incorrectly, leading to erroneous data or no data at all. Allow us to check that all analytics (Google Console, Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc.) are properly functioning.

Discover whether:
  • All analytics and tag managers are established on the website
  • Tracking is being conducted properly
  • Goals and filters are established within the analytics

When do you need to check your web analytics

When launching a paid or media campaign

When making changes on the website and want to see their impact

When publishing content and want to know if it pays off

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Our clients & what they said about us

“Apart from expertise, I especially appreciate the practicality and comprehensibility of the outputs. It saves us time and makes it easier to make data-driven decisions when planning content.”

Lukas Fabik

CMO & Co-founder, HARDWARIO

“We are very pleased with the results. Since we started working together in November 2019, our organic attendance has grown from 361 sessions in November to:

-1341 (December, when migration took place)

-2529 (January)

-2961 (February).”

Jiří Ziegler

Managing Director & Co-Owner,

“What we value the most about this solution is that it somehow saves us work as well as time – on a regular basis, we receive a publishing plan one month ahead, with which we can work directly.”

Tomáš Foltán

Sales Director, Agentura s.r.o.

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