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App Case Study: Double Traffic in Months with Proper Content Creation & Strategy

“Fresh and relevant content is an essential tool to attract potential users to your website but it can be a difficult overtime to come up with new ideas. Boom’N’Rank is a perfect service for any online marketer looking to increase their traffic. I highly recommend them to anyone struggling to find new content ideas that will deliver results.”

Cedric Maloux, Poker Stack


  • More than 200% increase in clicks from 548 clicks in the previous 3 months to 1190 clicks in the last 3 months
  • 245% increase in impressions from 66K to 161K
  • More than double number of sessions, new users and users from before our work and since our work
  • More than 330% increase in ranking queries from less than 400 to nearly 1500

Set A (dark blue) vs Set B (turquoise) and Set C (pink) show how when we started working on the site, the numbers of sessions, new users and users more than doubled in all metrics.



We’ve been working with Poker Stack, a poker bankroll management app, since mid 2020. Poker Stack is in a niche market of poker enthusiasts who wish to understand and track their winnings and losses while playing poker.

In the time since our collaboration, Poker Stack’s organic traffic has increased significantly in all metrics within Google Search Console (the analytics tracking device for organic traffic), as well as for Google Analytics.

The Problem

Poker Stack finds itself in a niche market with high and expensive competition and relatively low search volume. As they say in poker, ‘the stakes are high.’ In order to become more visible, a single app would have to invest a lot of money in paid marketing campaigns which may or may not pay off in the end and as is typical in paid marketing, have relatively short term effects. Poker Stack had already tried this method and found it to be an utter waste of money.

The Solution

Poker Stack came to us looking for a solution which was both sustainable, economically feasible and one with long term effects. We analysed the (then) current state of the website and found that Poker Stack was missing out on a lot of related keywords that could be added to the site in order to create a large reach and gather more visibility in the market. 

We created a strategic content plan for Poker Stack based on the keyword analysis that had been conducted. Armed with knowledge about what potential customers of Poker Stack were searching for, and utilizing Boom’n’Rank – an internal content planning tool, we were able to suggest content topics and the proper key components of those content pieces so that the website could start getting more impressions and more visits (clicks).


This case study looks at a comparison between three time periods:

Set A: November 23, 2020 – February 23, 2021

Set B: August 22, 2020 – November 23, 2020

Set C: May 21, 2020 – August 22, 2020

to see how the new content published on the site has performed. 

By comparing the three time periods, we are able to see how the site was progressing before we started working on it (Set C); as we started to analyze and suggest enhancements and content (Set B); and how it has performed since our enhancements and content topics were implemented on the site.

We looked at these data sets in both Google Search Console and in Google Analytics to acquire different views. We were able to discern how many more clicks and impressions the site received, as well as the difference in the CTR and the position of the pages and search terms.


Since we have been working with Poker Stack, the site has seen massive spikes in impressions, clicks, new users, users, and sessions. At the start of our collaboration, before much content was getting posted, the site saw 548 clicks within a 3-month span. That number rose to 1190 clicks the last 3 months. That’s an increase of more than 200% in only a few months.

Set A vs Set B – more than 200% increase since our cooperation started

This same increase was seen in Google Analytics where users, new users and sessions all more than doubled once our work was implemented on the website. Between Set C and Set B, there was only an increase of about 5% but following our work, those numbers increased by 200-250%.

Set A vs Set B – more than 250% increase in clicks since our cooperation started

The impressions have also gone up almost 250% from about 66,000 to over 161,000 in the same time period.

There has been a decrease in the average position between Set  B and Set A from 54.5 to 50.3

The overall positions for search queries dropped 4 positions, moving those pages closer to the much sought after position #1.

Poker Stack’s site had previously only ranked for less than 400 search terms, but since working with us, that number has increased by more than 330% to nearly 1500.


Our team at GFluence has helped Poker Stack to diversify and expand the content on its site and in doing so, it has gotten considerably more traffic as measured by impressions, clicks, users, sessions, and new users.

Thanks to the combination of our initial keyword analysis, plus our internally created content tool – Boom’n’Rank – we have been successful in getting Poker Stack more visible to its target audience.

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