Our Work


Local & Global SEO

Hawaiian Recovery

We suggested and executed a typical local SEO strategy based on local citations, locally related content (mostly posts about events in Hawaii related to health and well-being) as well as popular topics in drug and alcohol addiction and recovery. We promoted the posts using mainly social channels to a local audience. The results were 78 % yearly growth in organic traffic and almost 4 times cheaper conversions.


We suggested an Indexing strategy for better indexation of website’s URLs by Google and Bing. At the beginning, only 147 out of 4500 URLs were indexed by Google and only 2 were indexed by Bing. Based on our recommendations in internal linking and redirection, the number of indexed URLs went up 10 times on Google and 6 times on Bing in 2 months.

EU & American Goods (China)

We assisted during content strategy planning, development of strategy for the Chinese market, TLD consultancy, assistance during ICP and web hosting set up.

Geotargeting Strategy


Country targeting with 90 % of duplicate content. We suggested a search-engine-friendly strategy: a combination of single ccTLDs, localized content serving and subdirectories for contact details.


A combination of ccTLDs and subdirectories, all in a single language: English. We suggested a combination of language and country targeting that works well in the SERPS and doesn’t canibalize itself.


The challenge here was multiple levels of website versions: website languages, contract languages, legal environments. We suggested a multilingual strategy that is both search engine and user-friendly.

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