Multilingual Keyword Termbase

Get Important Keywords Into Your Multilingual Website During Translation

Don’t Just Translate Keywords

Ok, you found a proper translator for your website, but are the keywords and content localized for your target audience? Each language has it’s own cultural specifics. Multilingual keyword research is not simply about translating words. A successful International SEO strategy starts with research from scratch for every language.

Your Own Multilingual Keyword Termbase

Having your own foreign language keyword termbase is like having a goose that lays golden eggs. There are numerous ways of how to utilize it in your marketing strategy:

  • Use it, when creating multilingual content (website content, email newsletters, catalogs and flyers).
  • Develop product and service consistency by using the same terms, when communicating with foreign clients in meetings, via email or at trade fairs.
  • Save time and money for translation by uploading the termbase in CAT tools. This way, your translator will already have a consistent termbase at hand.
  • Use it to customize and localize your pay-per-click advertising.

How To Use The Termbase During Translation?

You’ve hired a translator to create a new language website version. The good news is he/she won’t have to translate the keywords from the original copy – we’ve already included them in your multilingual termbase.

When translation is done using a CAT tool, the keywords from your multilingual database are transferred in to the CAT tool database. This way, when the translator will need a specific keyword, he/she will already have it on demand. OK, but what if they don’t use any CAT tools? Don’t worry, they can still use it while translating as a reference material.

The 7 Keyword Research Steps

Still not convinced? Below is an example demonstrating the research process for a website which sells swimming pools. Here is our 7 step keyword research strategy:

1. We receive the client’s original source text that should have good keyword density and is free of local influences.

2. By extracting the key terms from the source text we create a keyword termbase.

keyword termbase

3. We find various matching keywords in the foreign language for each term.

various matching keywords

4. By evaluating search volume for each word and using a native speaker to recognize proper language context we find the best “keyword fits”.

the best keyword fits

5. This is where we use a translator for the entire content with CAT tools, so he or she can use the termbase during the translation.

6. It is necessary to proofread the text for better style and fluency.

7. We perform a final SEO tune-up.

Affordable SEO For Different Markets

Because we do International SEO, you needn’t hire multiple local SEO teams. Specializing in content strategy for different markets, is why our SEO marketing is affordable. We’ll keep you involved all the way –  from creating a keyword database to showing an increase in ROI, because of content optimization. What you’ll pay in the beginning will return multiple times with each new website visit, simply because you are using the right keywords.

Find out which keywords sweet talk your way into different markets.

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