Map: What Cars Do People Drive in Europe?

Written by Artur Kornienko

If you have an idea, he will put that in words and spread it.

February 16, 2016

The map shows national preferences when it comes to choosing particular brand of car. Surely, French people will opt for the French cars and Germans will drive their own. But what about the rest of the Europe?  The 1st place is held by Volkswagen which is #1 choice in 10 countries. Then goes SKODA with  6 countries. 3rd place share Dacia, Renault and Fiat; each of them holds the major share in 4 respective markets. But what one can learn from this situation? Here are some takeaways for the international auto-related business:

  • You can see where most of the revenue comes from for each automaker. Knowing what are the most profitable markets is a vital knowledge in any business.
  • Your biggest competitor is identified. Business is all about competition, so if you want achieve the best results you need to know who are you competing against.
  • Knowing your competitor’s weaknesses you can build your USP (unique selling proposition).

Armed with that knowledge you can execute your marketing strategy more successfully.

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