Local Search Engines: Yandex, Baidu, Seznam

Afraid of local search engines’ specifics and preferences? We can help you get your website indexed quickly and build the authority you need.

People Don’t Just Use Google

Which search engine do you use when doing online search queries? Google, sometimes Bing? Did you know that in Russia 57% of all search queries are performed through Yandex? And that in China the most popular search engine is Baidu?

Same Query, Same SERP? Nope

If you are serious about improving your International SEO and global marketing strategy, then boosting visibility in local search engines is a good way to start. To give you a better idea of what it is about, we prepared an example of how different search engines process the same query.

Google vs. Seznam

We searched for “seo” in Seznam.cz (on the right), a favourite local search engine in the Czech Republic, and in Google.cz (on the left), the Czech version of Google. This is what we got:


Why do the SERPs differentiate?

  1. Seznam still favors local pages to international websites. Meaning that your website’s geo-targeting needs to be precise.
  2. It’s easier for Seznam to scan web pages which have a deeper structure. Make sure the right keywords are in every (sub)headline.
  3. With Seznam, Citation Flow outranks Trust Flow. This means, greater the number of links leading to a website from a quality domain the better it ranks.

Google vs. Yandex

We repeated the same search query as above in Yandex.ru (on the right), a favourite local search engine in Russia, and in Google.ru (on the left), the Russian version of Google. Here are the results:


Why do the SERPs differentiate?

  1. Yandex is extra sensitive to geo-targeting. It serves users results depending on their location. That’s why local business rank higher.
  2. Yandex also differentiates the quality of backlink traffic. Links which demonstrate traffic are better than a thousand non-clicked links.
  3. Contrary to Google, Yandex places less emphasis on certain factors such as: social signals, mobile friendliness and site speed.

International SEO is Also About Knowing Local

As experts on International SEO it’s our job to know all the quirks of different local search engines. We will advise you on how to rearrange, tailor and customize the content on your website to get indexed higher and reach the broadest audience possible.

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