1st International SEO app ever built

1st International SEO app ever built

Create Hreflang tags/sitemaps, fix your international targeting, localize URLs and more. Make your international website SEO friendly with just a few clicks!

Coming to your desktops soon.

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URL Localizer

Localize your URL addresses by just entering your domain and keywords. The tool supports 21 languages and includes full transcription and transliteration features.

Hreflang Generator

With just a few clicks you can create Hreflang annotations or sitemap. Bulk import your URLs, define new language or country targeting, save your Hreflang project for later.

Geotargeting Assistant

Deciding on what is better: subdirectories, subdomains or ccTLDs? A series of clever questions will help you make the best decision. Local SERPs Simulator will help you reveal your competitors’ strategies.

Knowledge Base

Want to learn International SEO? Start off with our complimentary checklist and master all aspects of website localization, geotargeting and international SEO. Get instant help when needed.