Good Witches, See-through Eggs and Russian Fruit Pancakes – The Easter Culture Tour

Good Witches, See-through Eggs and Russian Fruit Pancakes – The Easter Culture Tour

Easter may be a global holiday, but each country and region has its own Easter traditions. From an International SEO perspective – it’s the perfect time to flex your marketing and creative muscles. We’ve gathered examples of Easter celebrations around the world to help you find fresh marketing and gift ideas. Hint, it’s not just about bunnies, chocolate and eggs.

Fashionably Vintage, Yet Playful in the US

Women will find almost any excuse to dress up. An Easter Bonnet is any new or fancy hat worn at Easter. Having a new hat was part of the tradition of wearing new clothes at Easter. Today the Easter Bonnet is most recognizable in American and British culture. The Easter Parade in New York was a special occasion where people would show off their new and richly decorated hats. Many times the making of ones own #easterbonnet inspired a lot of creativity and humor:

Throughout the decades headpieces have lost their importance in modern day clothing. But the bonnet is still increasingly popular among children. Kids love to make large hats decorated with chicks, eggs, ribbons and almost anything their hearts desire and wear them to school. Several department stores have already realized this as a good sales opportunity.

Slovenian Easter Eggs Are Practically See-through

We promised that we won’t just write about eggs. But the Easter egg we are going to present is so much more. It is a work of true art. The Slovenian Easter egg artist Franc Grom is 78 years old, but still has a steady hand. Living in the town of Vrhnika, the eggs are called “Vrhniški pirhi“. Grom creates lace like patterns by drilling small holes into the shell of the egg.

His masterpieces are often presented as state protocol gifts, recipients include former American president Bill Clinton and the Japanese emperor. Though the video bellow is without subtitles it is a brilliant display of craftsmanship:

Vrhniški pirhi would surely be a welcome exclusive Easter gift. If you’ll have a hard time reaching the old master, we recommend checking out other unique Easter eggs from around the globe.

A Russian Fruit Pancake, Maybe Some Greek Sweet Bread?

Easter is strongly associated with food. Each region and country has its own special dishes that are put on the table or into baskets for blessing. Baked Easter goods are popular all over the globe. Spice up your website content by inspiring food enthusiast with Easter pastry recipes.

In the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday. They are filled with dried fruits and spices with a cross on top,  symbolizing the crucifixion. In Ireland and the UK, the Simnel cake is the traditional Easter pastry. It’s been around since the Middle Ages and is a rich fruit cake with 11 marzipan balls on top. These balls represent the 12 apostles minus Judas.

russian easter cake pashka

The Russian Easter cake – “Pashka”; source:

In Russia, little pancakes called “blinis” topped with anchovies and a mixture of cream, dried fruit and orange peel  called “Pashka” are eaten. A Greek culinary classic for Easter is “Tsoureki“. This sweet bread pastry is great for baking beginners.

Why Do Scandinavians Have To Make Everything So “Spooky”?

It’s been discussed in many of our posts – Scandinavian countries have their own traditions and quirks. Norwegians spend the highest on dog food and they are crazy about chocolate. They also belong to the group of countries where children dress up as witches during Easter time.

In Finland, Sweden and Norway humor-filled celebrations start on Easter Saturday with kids dressing up as good witches. They set the Easter mood by giving out letters and cards in return for eggs, sweets and coins. Their apparel is traditional. The girls tie a head scarf across their face and wear long skirts. They paint freckles and red cheeks on their faces. This is how Swedish good witches – #påskkärringar look like:

It’s a great chance for Scandinavian department stores to dug out the leftover Halloween goods. More fashionably conscious girls, like the two above, will also be curious for some teenage make-up tips.

Did you enjoy our Easter tradition findings? Curious about how to market around any other holidays? They can be global or local – we’d love to dig into research. Contact us and tell us your ideas.

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