When German Preciseness Takes Up a Polish Attitude

When German Preciseness Takes Up a Polish Attitude

Some Slavic nations are stereotyped as sloppy. The further South you travel the fewer people complicate. But Poles won’t fit in this box. Our Martin Kura traveled to Gdanks for a business trip and spotted quite a few cultural specifics relevant for the local market. Did you know that Polish people have high service expectations?

I Better Be Getting My Złoty’s Worth

In an interview with the content marketing manager at GetResponse Michal Leszczynski Martin discussed local customer habits:

We have many shops with German products. People go to these stores specifically to buy sweets or washing machine detergent, because of more quality ingredients.

When Martin walked around to discover city life, he noticed few waiters with a bad attitude. Customer service is of a higher standard in comparison to other Eastern countries. Post offices are open until late hours and many companies offer 24/7 customer service support. Polish people also don’t mind traveling to other cities or going to a store which is not near their home if they know the quality of the products and services is better.

Michal Leszczynski shared a funny fact with Martin:

An average Polish waiter can speak four languages, while a politician only one.

whiskey house

The choices at a local whiskey bar are immense to suit every need. Source: personal archive

Don’t Underestimate the Poles

Some foreign companies persist to import low-quality products into the Eastern European market, including to Poland. This well-known fact is the reason why food and household product are being resold in Poland from Germany. If you plan to enter the Polish market don’t underestimate users’ standards and think twice before applying a lower product quality policy. Also, make sure your customer service responds fast and has good availability.

Think you’ll do well in the Polish market? Need more tips how to set your digital strategy? We know market specifics. Give us a tuck and let’s work together.

Featured image source: Pixabay.com

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