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“Apart from expertise, I especially appreciate the practicality and comprehensibility of the outputs. It saves us time and makes it easier to make data-driven decisions when planning content.”

Lukas Fabik

CMO & Co-founder, HARDWARIO

“We are very pleased with the results. Since we started working together in November 2019, our organic attendance has grown from 361 sessions in November to:

-1341 (December, when migration took place)

-2529 (January)

-2961 (February).”

Jiří Ziegler

Managing Director & Co-Owner, CzechUniversities.com

“What we value the most about this solution is that it somehow saves us work as well as time – on a regular basis, we receive a publishing plan one month ahead, with which we can work directly.”

Tomáš Foltán

Sales Director, Agentura Foxy.cz s.r.o.

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Walmart & International Marketing Strategy: What NOT to Do

Walmart & International Marketing Strategy: What NOT to Do

If one were to nominate a poster child for international marketing failures, one would be hard-pressed to identify a candidate more ideal than Walmart. In so many cases over the past several decades, Walmart consistently made the wrong choices when making an entrance into a new market. Walmart’s journeys abroad, whether to China, Germany, Brazil or elsewhere, seem to be met with stumbles at every step — though in many cases, the company has learned and adapted over time.

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Why Is KFC’s International Marketing So Unstoppable?

Why Is KFC’s International Marketing So Unstoppable?

KFC has made wave after wave in the marketing community due to its resounding success in China. Far and away the country’s most popular American fast food chain, the company is seemingly bulletproof when it comes to its performance with Chinese consumers. KFC became the first American fast food chain to enter the Chinese market when it opened its first restaurant just a short walk from Beijing’s famous Tiananmen Square in 1987. At the time, the three-story branch was KFC’s largest in the world — an impressive start which set the tone for the chain’s continued triumphs in the country.

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In Germany, You Can Never Fly too High – The German SEO Guide

In Germany, You Can Never Fly too High – The German SEO Guide

Adidas, Jägermeister and Volkswagen are only a few belonging to Germany’s long list of internationally famous brands. What does it take to enter Europe’s most successful economy? What is the average German customer like? We plunged into data research and spoke with business professionals who know the German market to answer these and many other questions – all in our SEO guide for Germany.

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How Not to Overstep in to the Icelandic Market? SEO Tips for Iceland

How Not to Overstep in to the Icelandic Market? SEO Tips for Iceland

Three reasons why market in Iceland: there’s little foreign competition, most Icelanders speak English and customers value quality over price. Though a customer pool of around 336,00 people sounds small, it’s exactly why word about your products can spread fast. By digging in to cultural specifics and talking with locals about the Icelandic digital marketing scene we’ve written up the perfect SEO tips for Iceland.

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