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B2B Case Study Proves Keywords & Content Enhancement can Increase Traffic & Clicks 300%+

GFluence enhanced pages:

  • grew 3 times faster in clicks than other content
  • grew 2 times faster in impressions versus other pages
  • decreased in position 11% more than other pages increased in CTR 33% more than other pages


Our team of traffic-growing experts worked with PBS, a major Czech B2B company and a pioneer in the engineering field with products and services such as aircraft engines, surface treatments, castings, and cryogenic technologies.

We collaborated with PBS in the second half of 2020 to increase organic traffic, as measured by metrics in Google Search Console.

Thanks to the work we performed for PBS their website saw an enormous increase in organic traffic, clicks, an increased CTR and a decreased position for queries.

The Problem

Even before finding us, PBS company had always been a leader in their industry but most of their traffic and business came from referrals and networking, rather than from organic traffic. The B2B sector can be particularly difficult as keywords and search terms often have a low search volume and high competition.

The Solution

We conducted a keyword analysis in order to understand the market that our client is in and the search terms most often associated with their key products and services. Armed with that knowledge, we set about enhancing some of the more important pages (as determined by the client) with the proper keywords, in order to garner more organic traffic.


This case study looks deep into the data to determine if pages which we worked on outperformed pages that we did not work on. We used Google Search Console (an organic search analytics tool) to look at the traffic on 20 pages between these two groups.

Set A consists of 10 of the top performing pages which we enhanced and Set B consists of 10 of the top performing pages which we have not enhanced. (We choose the “top performing pages” according to those which have the highest number of impressions and clicks in the time period.)

We compared data from the last three months (December 2020 – February 2021) to data from the previous period (September 2020-November 2020) to determine how those pages changed in comparison to one another.


The results clearly show that Set A outperformed Set B in every metric. The change in each metric over the given time periods shows that ‘our’ pages performed better than those which we have not yet worked on. While there were some upwards trends for both sets, Set A has overall better improvements than Set B.

The number of clicks for Set A increased from 4,090 to 6,007 between the two time periods, while Set B increased from 2,403 to 2,842. While Set B did show a positive trend, Set A (content which we worked on and enhanced) grew 3 times faster.

Our pages increased in impressions from 141,464 to 246,418 which represents a 74% growth rate, while Set B only increased by 38% in the same time periods.

Set A decreased in position which is a positive result as the goal is to drop to position #1) at a rate of 13 % more or 4 times faster than pages in Set B.

The average CTR (click through rate) for Set A increased by 19% during the two time periods while Set B decreased in CTR by 14%.


Our team was able to achieve better results in all 4 key metrics as shown in GSC. These enhancements which were based on a prior keyword analysis allowed us to determine the best ways to garner organic traffic. The proper use of keywords and structure of the pages, as well as other SEO tactics, led us to make the most effective on-page enhancements.


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