The GFluence Story

We are international digital marketing experts. We pride ourselves in getting things done. Do you get that? We get things DONE. We create content in different languages, we communicate our clients’ brands across different cultures and we give people the tools to recognize credible and authentic stories.

Our Foundation

GFluence was founded in 2016 by Martin Kura. Martin has a linguistic background; he’s done large website translation and localization projects for companies such as L’Oreal, AVG and ESET, comprising of millions of words and involving tens of different European and Asian languages. Since 2013, Martin started focusing on international SEO and working with various local and global startups and multinational companies. In June 2016 Martin came up with an idea to merge his international experience with his passion for marketing, and created GFluence to help local companies expand internationally. The name GFluence is an acronym for Global Influence.

GFluence Today & The Team

We are a team of marketers, linguists, community specialists and web developers working towards the same goal: making our clients’ brands global. With Petr and Marek fully on board, we are capable of handling highly complex and linguistically diverse international digital marketing projects, while Martin staying on top of the tasks and executing a biz dev role. In early 2018 we created our own tailored platform Neil. Neil helps us execute repeated tasks like creating and managing a project much quicker, which resulted in a dramatic decrease of admin tasks. This way, we can provide much higher value for the price our clients pay.

Where Do We Go Now

After Tom, our web master, joined the team in 2017, we started building our own tools. We are creating an algorithm for content analysis, credibility scores, machine translation with keyword support. We want to use our linguistic background to create marketing tools. Beyond that, we would like to further use the algo we create to detect fake news in different markets and languages.

Curious how we’d click together?

Let’s find out!