About US

The GFluence Story

We are international digital marketing experts. We pride ourselves on getting things done. Did you catch that? We get things DONE. We create content in different languages, we communicate our clients’ brands across different cultures and we give people the tools to recognize credible and authentic stories.

Our Foundation

GFluence was founded in 2016 by Martin Kura. Martin has a linguistic background; he’s done large website translation and localization projects for companies such as L’Oreal, AVG and ESET, comprised of millions of words and involving dozens of different European and Asian languages. Since 2013, Martin has been focused on international SEO and worked with various local and global startups and multinational companies. In June 2016 Martin came up with an idea to merge his international experience with his passion for marketing, and created GFluence to help local companies expand internationally. The name GFluence is an acronym for Global Influence.

GFluence Today & the Team

We are a team of marketers, linguists, community specialists and web developers working towards the same goal: making our clients’ brands global. 

It matters who you
work with!

Power of one

As a small team we work together on every single client’s project. That way we ensure that each output has been checked by several pairs of eyes.

Global View and Reach

No one knows a country and its language better than a native. We work with expert natives from around the globe so that our clients receive the best work.

Results driven

We work with you to set specific goals and then fulfil those targets. We aren’t satisfied unless we reach those objectives.

Practical approach to data

You come to us for help with your business, not to be overwhelmed with data. We make sense of those numbers so that you can benefit from the important information.


Our specialists work directly with our clients for ease and transparency in outputs. We believe that you deserve to know how we operate and how we are working for you.

Where we’re heading now

After Tom, our web master, joined the team in 2017, we started building our own tools. We created Boom’n’Rank that we are actively using for our clients. If you are creating content for your website and you want to make the most out of it, then you should give it a go!

What are we best at

Translated your website, but lacking results?

We can create and execute a strategy to approach multi-lingual markets with the highest efficiency (less costs, better results), while avoiding cultural faux-pas.

Is your B2B product too specific and paid advertising doesn’t work for you?

We can find precise B2B topics to focus on with your website that will be bringing you high conversion leads in the long term.

Skyrocket your content!

Not only we can find topics that your audience is interested in. We can also make sure that you have content that will be loved by both your audience and search engines.

Let’s Get Started

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